This is who we are!



God can be encountered today, here and now. Not only is He interested in every single one of us, He has given us everything we need to with Him. We, as the Free Evangelical Church (FeG) of Starnberg, are convinced of that. The FeG belongs to an association of over 470 churches in Germany.




Small Groups


As Christians, we are not solo-fighters. We all need a personal relationship with God as the foundation for our Christian life, but relationships with other (Christians) are also an elementary part of the Christian life. To this end, our small groups offer an ideal opportunity: Cell groups are made up of 8 to 15 people which meet weekly or bi-weekly at one of our member’s homes to read the Bible, pray or sing. Everybody gets a chance to talk, ask questions or give others the opportunity to share in their life.


Worship Services



Sunday, 10 am: We celebrate our worship service – the core of our church’s life, an opportunity to encounter God as well as the people from our church and a good occasion for simply stopping by. We also have kids’ Sunday school at the same time. Come by, you’ll be made to feel very welcome!




Church is a piece of home from home!

This is where God invites us to be a part of His family–independent of our background, experience, biography or nationality.

This is where people can draw closer to God and experience wholeness. This is where we can experience relationships. We see church as the base camp of an expedition, from which we are sent out freshly equipped into everyday life.

Holger S. Hinkelmann, pastor of the FeG Starnberg


  • FeG-Starnberg
  • Josef-Jägerhuber-Straße 7
  • 82319 Starnberg